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Benqligy sú stránky venované hraniu FIFA10 a NHL09.

Dúfam že sa Vám tu bude páčiť a rozhodnete sa s nami stráviť nejaký čas. Verím že budete hrať čestne a férovo lebo nieje dôležité vyhrať ale zúčastniť sa a dobre sa zabaviť.

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Vítamé všetkých hráčov ktorí hrajú na / Welcome all players who play at


So the WBCOOP is back and this is the first year that I’ll be participating in it. Not only will I be participating but I will be playing in all 30 events and plan on finishing quite high on the overall leader board!

The tournament series runs from February 23rd to March 4th and if you have a blog about poker, here’s how you can enter for free:
-Basically, if you have a blog about poker and want to play in the WBCOOP, just write up a short entry (500 words) detailing what you’d do with the $5,000 if you won it for being best blogger. Make it funny, make it serious, make it up-I don’t think that it really matters! Post it and share it with your friends and Stars will send you 10 tickets to play any of the events. If you cash in anything, you’ll get an extra ticket to use to play in the Main Event!
In each event, we’ll have the chance to win some free SCOOP tickets and the incentive to win some more prizes from doing well on the series leader board or from being the best blogger/tweeter. Some of the things that can be won include:

Leader Board prizes:
-1st place: WBCOOP Trophy, Live Event or Online Package for Any Global PokerStars Event (up to the value of $7,000), 2012 SCOOP Medium Main Event Ticket and a Special Edition Chipset.
-2nd place: 2012 SCOOP Medium Main Event Ticket and a Special Edition Chipset.
-3rd place: Step 4 Ticket and a Special Edition Chipset.

Extra prizes:
-$5,000 cash for Best WBCOOP 2012 Blogger
-$1,000 cash for Best WBCOOP 2012 Live Tweeter
-$11 T-Money bounty on each of the Team Online members’ heads! 
I expect the tournament series to be a ton of fun more than anything…for me it’s a chance to splash around in some different games that I wouldn’t normally play and have a good time chatting at the tables and with the rail.

Im living in a small country with economy close to a third world county,
since i have graduated school i have being trying to do something with my life.
I couldnt afford univeristy and i tryed to look around for a job with an IQ of 143
I couldnt find a job diffrent then construction worker and a barmaid for the summer season.
Then ive come to that "I need to do something not realated to my country economy its going down i wont go down with it."

I would love to win 5000USD for best blog WBCOOP the 2012th I could play great poker tournaments at the best arcade in the world Over the years I write on my blog and and share among your friends about Certainly part of the winnings would go to some great party to which he would be so easily forgotten. In addition, I bought a new red car that has long been my dream. I'd played a good tournament live in some nice destination. Of course I would expect that even with these tournaments and win something. Certainly do not win my abilities but my time is surely coming. This would free me in the bunker that certainly helped. So I hope that I can push to the tournament. I regularly contribute new blog, and tweets on your bulletin board and my way to the title of best blog WBCOOP the 2012th

GL all.


WBCOOP is a series of online tournaments for bloggers. T can not block a series of interesting win tickets to the tournament or series SCOOP tournament Sunday Million. It's a great opportunity for players to play tournaments that would not normally afford to play. This series is underway at HomeGames

New Games great new home. Play with your friends own tournament or cash game. Quickly and easily just for Join our Poker Club. Modra Gamble Club - ID: 34466 Code: machines. Meet at the tables.

Fifty 50 on

New tournament format fifty 50 per These are tournaments like the popular double or nothing with the difference that 50% pricepoolu is the first 5 players and the rest is divided between them according to the number of chips. This news you can only try to

Turbo Takedown

Today it is 25th January 2011, I managed to qualify for the tournament Turbo Takedown. It's a great tournament where you can get a new car. The tournament will take place 30th January at 21:30 CET. Wish me luck. The tournament is played in the arcade of course


SCOOP is not announced yet but it certainly will be a great series in which each poker player enjoys. As each year will rise again guarantees and hands into a pile of dollars is nice. This series can be found only at


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FIFA10 (127) 73%

NHL09 (48) 27%

Celkový počet hlasov: 175


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